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I’m Robbie, a freelance graphic designer and web developer based out of the beautiful beach in the Outer Banks, NC. I design stunning, functional, and creative graphics for social media, ads, infographics, websites, mobile applications and business cards. My skills don’t just end with graphic design – I also specialize in front-end web development and provide WordPress services and development.

Photoshop 80%
Illustrator 90%
HTML5 95%
CSS3 80%
PHP 60%
jQuery 70%
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Graphic Design Services

If your brand or organisation needs a distinctive identity, dynamic website or impactful communication design, I can help you deliver that. I’d love to hear from you.


Working with you I create unique brand identities that are tailored to your brief.


Using type and imagery I create clear and engaging designs for print marketing.


Interactive responsive websites, email templates and a few other creative features.


I create infographics and diagrams, they are a creative way to show complex data.

My Approach

I love working with great people to help their business thrive. I work closely with all my clients in order to create high-quality work that meets the objectives and develop a long-lasting relationship.


This is a critical stage of discovery and learning, which consists of a discussion between client and designer. This stage enables me to understand the business I am designing and get to know who I will be working with. We will work together to identify and agree project objectives, deliverable, deadlines and budget etc.


I will then review all the information from the brief and begin looking at styles, competitors and trends etc which could influence the ideas. I will select and develop the strongest ideas and present them to the you explaining my thought process and evaluating against the brief. Feedback from the client will follow.


Together, we evaluate the concepts against the brief. Any amendments are made the the chosen visuals and submitted for sign off. This is where the design really comes to life.


This is the most rewarding part. Once you are happy, which is the most important part, I will supply all final artwork files, or supply to the printer. I like to build long-term relationships with all my clients, so once we have launched your project, we can both monitor the growth and impact – and find other ways to work together.

Web Design Services

Good website design is not just about the quality of the build and the accuracy of the code – although that is crucial too. It’s about bringing together all the elements – layout, structure, images and content – to create an engaging digital experience for the customer.


Good website design is about bringing together all the elements – layout, structure, images and content – to create an engaging digital experience for the customer.


Web development is crucial to creating great products. I’ve worked with startups to deliver complex websites and applications.


With over seven five experience, I’ve used WordPress to create everything from an E-commerce shop to bespoke web applications.

Get in touch with me

If you would like to discuss a design project, receive a quote or arrange a chat, please get in touch either at or using the form to the right. I will get back to you as soon as possible.